Monday, February 13, 2006

SIB Shah Alam

Praise God, SIB Semenanjung had opened another SIB church in Shah Alam in 2005. It another satelite church initiated by Pastor Richard and his wife. Many were wondering, whether it will be a success. For the first few services, handful of students were attending. However, it was grown until the leaders said to find another bigger place to accomodate the rapid growth. The church mainly served students from UiTM and employees from surrounding manufacturing company.

"We always had a vision to plant a church in Shah Alam for long time, thank God, now it's materialised!" That's the vision Pastor Richard and his wife for long time. "It's not a personal achievement that we proud of, we were glad to serve the Lord and provide the place of worship. If they couldn't come to church, let's the church comes and find them!" he added.

We pray this church will grow and serve God to the best.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

SIB Subang Bistari

On February 2005, there was another church planted in Subang Bistari area. Pastor Richard and his wife together with some key person there like Julita and Eddie had started the church.

The first service attended by approximately 40 persons from various background. The church was lack in many area such as chairs, music instruments, air cons and many more.

Let us help them in prayer so that they will grow even bigger in quantity and quality.

Praise the Lord.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

SIB Tanjung Malim

"My God", that was my expression when I heard about Pastor Jumi. Not because of bad things but the string of tasks he needs to handle. Pastor Jumi was assigned by SIB Semenanjung to minister in SIB Tanjung Malim. This place is just a small town. However, there are few SIB churches been established by prior pastors like pastor Saraban, pastor Masnin, and others.

His schedule is full of activity like visiting family of Orang Asli; attending home fellowship; preparing and preaching for the three Sunday service; and many other administrative tasks. He is pastoring many churches at one time.

What we can do? We pray to God to give him strength to minister amid Orang Asli and student of Universiti Perguruan Sultan Idris (UPSI); wisdom to speak God's word; protection for his family from evil; give him encouragement by visiting and donation through SIB Semenanjung. If you want the address and the contact person, please email me at

God Bless You.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

A Decade of SIB Semenanjung.

In year 2003, SIB Semenanjung held its first celebration at MCA hall of Jalan Ampang. The night celebration was attended by 3,000 strong members of BM Section. Pastor Taipin and Pastor Kalip (now deceased) both presidents of SIB Sabah and SIB Sarawak respectively came down to give support.

The event was colourful. The celebration coloured with tradition-ware from different tribes depicting the unity body of Christ. The exotic korean and Orang Asli tradition-ware were the most attracting one.

Many booths were set up from various churches to display their latest activities. It was not a surprise to see them using the latest technology to attract people to their booth as they were mostly professionals and students.

Although it was tiring to host this big event but it worth celebrating the goodness of God.

Last message from Ps. Kalip to the congregation:
"God has been good to the previous generation. We are reminiscing the past of how God blessed our fathers. Today's generation is the result of their faith. How's about the next generation? We're totally responsible for it. Let us renew our faith to God so that the younger generation will be the blessing of the nation."

Monday, January 10, 2005

Church Ruined.

End of year 2003, the "almost complete" church was reduced to debris by irresponsible authority officials.

"I was shocked. I came here to send window glass just to find out 15 or more guys wrecking our church" said the pastor.

"I took photograph of them, unfortunately one of them took and destroyed the film" he added.

These officials bludgeoned the church down less than an hour.

"I hope our members are not discouraged." said the pastor referring to the Orang Asli (aborigine). Orang Asli had been helping the pastors for months to build the church. They hope to conduct the first Christmas service were shattered.

The incident got the attention from NECF immediately and initiated the allegation against the group. It was bureaucratic procedures and took months to get the solution. After months of debate, the government reimbursed SIB and allowed them to build the church again.

We are thankful to God and the government of Malaysia for the justice.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

The early days of SIB Semenanjung.

SIB stands for Sidang Injil Borneo (Borneo Evangelical Church). In early 90s, Pastor Richard Samporoh and his wife Stemmah Sariau started the 'home based' ministry among students from University Malaya, Universiti Pertanian Malaysia (now Universiti Putra Malaysia). Initial stage was not very encouraging where number of groups were opposing them. In 1992, the effort was paid off when SIB 'officiated' at Kolej Damansara Utama (KDU) attended by people from Sabah and Sarawak who came for 'Come Celebrate' at Dataran Merdeka. In 1993, Daily Bread opened their hand for SIB to use their premises which located in Damansara Utama. The service was held in Bahasa Malaysia although the congregation was comprised of Sabahan, Sarawakian, Chinese, Indian, and Indonesian.

After few years, the congregation was growing. Some of them came from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), UPM, UM, Institut Teknologi Mara (ITM-now UiTM), and other nearby places. At that time, the growing church was synonym to "Student Church". Names like Alfred and Jouslly among others were the faithful chauffeurs who fetched the students from ITM and UM for sunday service.

Many interesting events happened in 1993, for few weeks, Sunday service was held in KDU's lecture hall. Music instruments brought from Campus Crusade for Christ. The first Christmas was held at Faith Charismatic Church (FCC) of Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur.

In 1994, again the congregation moved to new premises in Damansara Utama. Both president SIB Sabah and Sarawak came down to officiate the new premises and the new leadership. Pastor Chew Weng Chee elected as the president while Pastor Richard was the secretariat of SIB Semenanjung. In that year, Pastor Richard and his wife formed Persekutuan Pemuda Pemudi (PPP) committee to hold the first youth conference. Jacob Kulleh from Sarawak was the first chief. Mini conference was held in SIB Damansara Utama prior to the national conference at New Life Restoration Center (NLRC) church later that year.

At the same year, SIB Pusat Bandaraya or also known as SIB Chow Kit was officiated (now known as SIBKL BM). The first service only attended by 15 plus people. The notable leader at the time was Edwin Agung who later became the Ketua Pelayan. Meanwhile, the Chinese congregation was settled down in Kepong and shepherded by Pastor Kenny Tham.

In 1995, SIB Damansara Utama (DU) was hardly handle the number of congregation as it growing very fast. The leadership was decided to plant more satelite churches such as SIB Serdang (Sister Anne Tuah), SIB Klang, and SIB Kepong (BM). SIB Serdang mainly attended by UPM and UKM students. Martin, Stanley, Magdeline and others were among the notable leaders. Later in that year, SIB Kajang was formed to ease the crowd in SIB Serdang.

The first four years was the crucial events happened in the history of SIB Semenanjung. It continues to grow by expanding its ministry among aborigine (Orang Asli) in Tanjung Malim, Cameroon Higland and Jerantut.

Today, although the church planting has slow down notably but other area is growing specially amid aborigine. Let us continue to support the leaders in prayer and donation.

* Names like Walfter, Saun, Jeevan, Junin, Peter, Susani, Pendy, Juil, Anthony (SIB Kajang), Alfred, Jously, Fenny, Walley, Bianus, Jason, Martin, Magdeline, Stephanie, Jacqueline, Andrew Yakin, Nathaniel Woon, Krishnan, Andrew, Malloy, and others whom I may forgotten are the core people other than Pastors who had worked very hard behind the leadership in the early years.

Friday, January 07, 2005

A Brief Notice.

This blog is a simple source for those who want to know about Sidang Injil Borneo Semenanjung (SIB). Note that this is not an official website but it is mainly executed to acknowledge many people who pour enormous effort direct or indirectly toward the existence of SIB Semenanjung.

* If you have comments, please do so. (English or BM)

Happy new year 2005.

God Bless. Tuhan memberkati.